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Religion and Poverty

One of the reasons I esteem Edith Coliver is that she works hard for reconciliation between Jews and Chriatians. Bienvenido Macario is a filipino who takes religion very seriously, but views the Philippine Catholic Chuch as corrupt. Edith, who has a special interest in the Philippines, writes:

"As a non-Catholic, I disagree with Macario. He is stereotyping religion. In the Philippines, the Catholic Church is at the cusp of social change. I am currently writing about ten nuns who formed social movements and who faught for human rights. Many of them braved Marcos' tanks that tried to defend Marcos.Some of the village priests during the Marcos regime stood between the military and the rebels. And many church people closed their eyes over the question of family planning., anathema to the church. Jaime Cardinal Sin, the prelate of Manila, was decisive in the revolution against President Marcos, mobilizing more than one million people against him. He is playing a similar role in the current uproar against President Estrada, now ousted. Some of the congregations, such as the Columbans (mostly Australians and Irish), served as worker priests and defenders of labor organizers, and another congregation, the Maryknolls, as protectors of human rights activists. More power to them!"

Ronald Hilton - 5/2/01