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Reverend Pat Robertson

Jason Nelson has sent me an article of which I attach extracts. The allegations concerning the links of the Reverend Pat Robertson and his Freedom Gold Ltd. with Liberian President Charles Taylor and Muslim terrorists presumably were vetted to avoid a libel lawsuit. Jason says: "I found this paper through a search on Yahoo at I don't know how reliable this source is, but the article is amusing considering Robertson recently made a comment that the terrorist activities of last week are God's retaliation for increasing feminist and gay rights in the U.S. I wonder how many of Robertson's devotees are aware of his for profit Cayman corporation......" Robertson claimed his gold-mining company would help the Liberian people, but gave no details. Here are extracts about Liberian President Charles Taylor taken from the article:

"Among his many claims to fame and inhumane terrorism, Taylor is the only man to escape from the Plymouth County, Massachusetts jail and never be apprehended.. In 1983, he originally sought asylum in the United States after being accused of embezzling $1 million from the Liberian government headed by President Doe. He was arrested by U.S. marshals upon arrival where he was then incarcerated in the Plymouth County Jail as a federal detainee awaiting INS extradition. On September 15, 1985, purportedly with a hacksaw and a rope of knotted bedsheets, he and four other inmates climbed out of a second floor window and ran into the thick woods surrounding the Plymouth Detention Center. His three fellow escapees were all subsequently captured, but Taylor was never apprehended. A warrant for "felonious escape" remained on the NCIC (National Computer in Crime) and Massachusetts crime computer until 1993, when it was "mysteriously" deleted. Terrorist Charles Taylor had "vanished" until July 1989 when he surprisingly "surfaced" in Liberia with a well armed army of "rebels" and began a 6 year long hellish and bloody march to a coup-d'etat. Charles Taylor.... a felon, prison escapee, terrorist, and "tribal warlord".... became the President of Liberia in a 1997 election that ended seven years of alleged "tribal" (to be more exact, "mining rights") fighting in which it is estimated by the U.S. State Department that half of Liberia's 3 million people were either killed or "displaced" (another word for "forcibly moved off their homeland")".

My comment: Robertson must be stupid or coldly calculating to ally himself with such an individual. As for Africa, no wonder many regard the continent as a basket case. To think that it hosted the Durban conference which was one long denunciation of the U.S. and the West.

Ronald Hilton - 9/18/01