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Christianity. The saints go marching out.

     By happy juxtaposition, this week gives us two days honoring Clinton. The first is Valentine's Day, February 14, the second Presidents' Day, February 15. They follow the opening of carnival, which is becoming an international plague spreading from Brazil. Spanish TV opened its coverage with pictures of the Rio carnival, showing pathetic colored teenage girls, trained in slum schools to writhe and display their flesh. Then came the relatively tame Spanish carnival (when I was in Spain I heard no mention of it). The original meaning of carnival was not mentioned once.
     Valentine's Day has been imported into Spain from the United States. A poor old priest tried to explain that it honored a Roman martyr (actually two by the same name. Scholars have been unable to determine how they became associated with this unecclesiastical activity). The day featured a kissing competition, long and passionate. Actually the day derived from the Roman Lupercalis, when young men and women drew partners for the year by lottery (Mrs. Clinton, please note).
     Valentine's Day and President's Day became mixed in the Phillipines, where a Monica cigar with her portrait on the band was launched with great success. Clinton may be good for business, but he has not helped the image of the U.S. abroad. One question which only politics can explain. If Clinton had simply resigned, Gore would have become President and the mess wuld not have dragged on. Apparently he simply refused to. He will certainly go down (yes, down) in history.

Ronald Hilton - 02/14/99