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Church scandals in the Philippines

Bienvenido Macario is convinced that the Catholic Church in the Philippines is corrupt; he forwards items about the way sex scandals have hit it. As a sample. we post here the opening section of a article in The Inquirer (5/7/02):

How Filipino priests are shielded from scandal

A CHARITY institution in Malabon is known to take in women impregnated by Catholic priests to prevent them from aborting the child in their wombs and provide them with natal care, spiritual healing and counseling. It also shields priests, who have broken their vows of celibacy, from scandal. This was disclosed to the Inquirer by a priest who did not want to be named. He said that the children born of these women at the Heart of Mary Villa are jokingly branded as "Church property" or "Pamangkin ni sister (the sister's niece/nephew)," as nuns and priests consider one another brothers and sisters. After giving birth, the women at the Heart of Mary Villa are given the choice to either leave the baby behind or to keep the child. The raging public scandal involving pedophile priests in the US has emboldened the Inquirer source to come out in the open to complain about alleged sexual misconduct of local priests.

Ronald Hilton - 5/8/02