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Religion and Sex

The reference to the Easter Sunday "celebration" in San Francisco by the gay, lesbian and transvestite "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" has brought different responses. Helen McPenrod points out that not all the gay communty is sympathetic. Indeed, it celebrated a proper Easter service on Mt. Davidson. Helen also points out that the Sisters also do good works. So I am told, but why do they offset this by offending Christians? Why does the city board of supervisors refuse to rescind the permit blocking a street for the "celebration," which inconveniences others? They are simply afraid of being considered politically incorrect.

Most people, myself included, are not intolerant of homosexuals. I simply feel sorry for them as I am of a color blind person who cannot enjoy the joys of color; they cannot enjoy a normal family life. However, I would object if color blind people ridiculed drivers who respect traffic lights.

Marco Gómez of Mexico is typical of Latin Americans in that he wonders why some gays behave in this way. I do too. The attitude toward homosexuals in the Iberian world is not tolerant; the Islamic influence reinforces this attitude. "Maricón" is the worst insult in Spanish. Once, on the main avenue of Madrid, two cars were stopped. The drivers were arguing violently, while a crowd gathered. I thought there must have been a terrible accident. No. It was just a case of road rage. One man was shouting to the other "You called me a maricón!". Fighting words. In the Residencia where I lived, the students forced a sad maricón to move out. On the other hand, that horrible poet García Lorca, who also lived there, was so popular that his notorious homosexuality was overlooked.

Easter in Peru was different from ours in that it marked the end of daylight-saving time, as it did in other southern countries. It was also marked by popular manifestations of Christian piety. Catholic priests praised "Peruanitiy" as a doctrine capable of bringing Indians into the national community. The Church has strength because the Indians feel the priests are sincerely interested in them.

The priests gave accurate accounts of the horrors of abortion in the world, but they said not a word about prostitution; birth control was a non-subject, as was the poverty which is worsened by the uncontrolled increase in the Indian population. Many men think that celibate priests have a thing about sex and may themselves be maricones. As so often, sex raises its ugly head!

Ronald Hilton - 04/05/99