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RELIGION: "Evangelical" - St. Gregory of Nyssa

I should have looked harder for Nyssa, the bishopric of St. Gregory. It no longer exists (there may be some ruins), but it is southeast of Izmir, about half way to Denizli. Ed Jajko says: "There may not be a modern Turkish equivalent for Nyssa, but see the on-line Catholic Encyclopedia at The see may have become defunct or at least insignificant by the time that Turkish power was consolidated in the area. As for the Episcopal church of St. Gregory of Nyssa, in San Francisco, see Those who have Quicktime can see something of the liturgy described above. St. Gregory of Nyssa seems to have been a foresightful Father of the Church; he has his own web page, at".

RH: St. Gregory of Nyssa would be amazed to know that he has his own web page.

Ronald Hilton - 1/30/03