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RELIGION: "Evangelical" - St. Gregory of Nyssa

In our discussion of St. Gregory of Nissa, I said that Nissa does not exist. My reference books simply say "site of Nissa". Cameron Sawyer rebukes me: "What do you mean? Nyssa indeed exists, today it is called Nevsehir, and it is in Cappadocia near Goreme National Park. It is well worth a visit for the unbelievable lunar-like landscapes of Cappadocia. There is a good museum, but very little from the Christian era. There are very elegant, very inexpensive hotels; the fashion is to make them out of former castles or palaces and to decorate them in the Ottoman style. See, for example: I say again, Turkey is a tourist s paradise, especially outside of Istanbul. Nevsehir even has its own web page on Cappadocia Online:"

RH: Cameron clearly knows Turkey well. It is the part of the Mediterranean most accessible to Russia. However, I am puzzled. My reference work places Nissa far to the west of Cappadocia (the Roman name; theTurkish one is apparently Goreme). There is quite a literature on Nevsehir. I found there no reference to St Gregory. I wish Cameron would tell me if there is. Until the link is demonstrated, I shall stick with the source which says the site of Nissa is about half way between Izmir and Denizli. There may be a confusion of names.

Ronald Hilton - 1/31/03