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The future of the Catholic Church

Daryl DeBell says "The idea that ending priestly celibacy would solve the problem of pedophilia is badly conceived. Pedophilia is a perversion, while celibacy seeks to stifle or, ideally, sublimate the normal sexual drive. All normal males wish to be sexually active with mature females, but not with children of either sex. Therefore ending celibacy would be expected to have no effect whatever on the incidence of pedophilia. The elimination of homosexuals from the priesthood might have a marginally better chance of solving the problem, but even there the effort is similarly misguided". RH: The fact is that the Catholic Church has been rocked by these scandals, but not the Protestant ones, which permit the marriage of its ministers. Can Cameron Sawyer tell us about the Russian Orthodox Church, which also permits its priests to marry?

Ronald Hilton - 7/29/03