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RELIGION: The three "Abrahamic" faiths

Differences about religion have featured prominently in WAIS exchanges. I have long felt that scholarly exchange among leaders of various faiths would ease tensions. This hope inspires Unites Religions, based in San Francisco. More narrowly, it inspires the "Abrahamic Trialogue" sponsored by the admirable United States Institute of Peace. It has issued a special report: Building interreligious trust in a climate of fear: an Abrahamic trialogue. It was prepared by Director of the Religion and Peacemaking (R&P) Initiative David Smock. A major objective of the Institute’s R&P Initiative is to promote greater interfaith tolerance internationally. As a means of developing proposals for action to enhance peaceful coexistence, particularly among Christians, Muslims, and Jews, the R&P Initiative convened two 2-day interfaith trialogue meetings in July and October 2002. This report is the result of those meetings, which engaged 21 leaders from the three faith communities. See or call 202-429-3832 x1 for a copy via post. Unfortunately tensions run so high that quiet trialogue may not have the desired impact. Muslims are suspicious of initiatives coming from Jews or Christians.

Ronald Hilton - 2/20/03