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Thoughts on two Holy Weeks

The world is celebrating two Holy Weeks: one in Christendom and one in Hollywooddom. They are slightly different. The first dom is declining, the second booming. In fact, our youthdom is scarcely aware of the former, but revels in the latter. Admittedly it is more sparkling, beginning with the stars, not the tiny specs in space which the first dom talks of, but the major Hollywood constellations. TV showed the most expensive woman's dress in the world spattered with diamonds, and the most expensive women's shoes in the world, with lines of diamonds. One can just hear the TV viewers oohing and aahing. And the box-office figures! The Jerusalem show is a piker in comparison. Only pedants would express concern that Oscar-winning "A Beautiful Mind" completely distorts history. After watching a TV show devoted to its leading actor, one wonders about his mind.

Twinkle, twinkle. little star, how I wonder what you are!

Ronald Hilton - 3/25/02