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United Religions

At the WAIS globalization conference in July, the first session, chaired by Scotty McLennan, dealt with "Religion as a cause of war". That highly sensitive subject was discussed by a panel of clerics, members of United Religions Initiative (URI), and representing various faiths. The San-Francisco-based URI has as its aim to establish United Religions, similar to United Nations. The events of September 11 underlined the importance of this project. Paradoxically, the horrors of the Afghan war are making both Christians and Muslims acutely aware of each other and of a need for mutual understanding, despite the anti-infidel jihad. Surprisingly, this should be easier for Muslims than for Christians. Dante, an intolerant man, regarded Mohammed as the anti-Christ, whereas Christ is venerated in Islam. Incidentally, this brings us back to our debate about Christians versus Muslims in Granada, Spain. I wonder if URI has a chapter there? It has chapters all around the globe. The latest URI Update gives details of their activities and mentions the next Global Assembly, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in August 2002. I urge you to learn more about it at You can e-mail ( to be put on the URI list. I trust you will appreciate the importance of the work URI is doing.

Ronald Hilton - 12/22/01