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Islam: The Status of Women

     Some WAISers know the Middle East, but they all have different assessments. One WAISER writes:
     Realistically it is unlikely that the future of women in "ascending Islam" is going to change much, for, "by definition," Islam is based on the maltreatment of women. So as Islam strengthens, the plight of women will worsen. The only hope is a spiritual one--something to do with that exportation of "goodness" (Judeo-Christian ethics if you will). There are outreach groups to this end; they generally keep a low profile and operate in secrecy, given the tremendous danger (on all fronts). It is extraordinary that in the 20th Century so many remain so persecuted. Evil (call it what you will) is a real force. Whatever one may think about "exporting" culture (or imposing culture on others), rest assured that Islam is determined to do as much exporting as possible.

Ronald Hilton - 10/24/99