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Islam: The Status of Women

     Miles Seeley and most WAISers believe that the status of women in Islam is improving. He writes:
     I disagree with one of the WAISERS. This person talks about Islam strengthening, I talk about it changing to adapt to the modern world. As it has in Morocco, in Jordan, and especially in the UAE. From my perspective, the hordes of young Moslems being educated in the West and returning home means there will indeed be even more change. Socially, and with respect to the status of women, it is slow, and to some people it must seem glacial at best. But women have enormous influence over their families and in their homes, and that influence will spread. I base that judgement on talks I have had with both men and women.
     What happens when fundamentalist Moslems like Taliban take over is another, and quite frightening, story. In those societies, I must agree with our WAISers assessment.

Ronald Hilton - 10/24/99