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Today's Celebration by the World Muslims

     Salah Fateih points out that this year the main festivals of the three great monotheistic religions occur in close succession and expresses:
     "hope that the proximity of the days of festivities for the followers of three monotheistic religions would enable them to have more understanding for each others traditions, habits, sources of joy, and culture. Festivities centers around the happiness and joy of children, and that puts a huge burden on the elders, intellectuals and politicians to keep and to leave the world intact and free of conflicts. Today's children are the next generation, and they ought to grow up, to live and to practice their faith with peace and tranquility ... after all they are our children.

     My comment: I agree, and hence supported the world religions conference which took place recently in Cape Town. Unfortunately religion is often used as a pretext to justify human brutality. In as far as they can, religious leaders must stop it, but I see little evidence, for example, that Muslim mobs listen to their leaders. All religions must recognize their shortcomings, just as individual humans must.

Ronald Hilton - 1/9/00