Russia: Vladimir Putin

Christopher Jones writes: "Although originally skeptical, I have come to admire Vladimir Putin and his  style of government.  As a matter of fact, he is probably the only leader who can aspire to become a "Great Individual" around at the moment.  I believe that with luck, he will succeed in the reconstruction of his vast country; Putin certainly sees the centrifugal dangers of a "too-free" press in the hands of oligarchs and at the same time, he is moving to correct the mistakes made under Yeltzin that led to the concentration of wealth in too-few hands.  Much is made of the trial of Khodorkowsky in the Western press.  Hypocritically, these Western opinion makers forget that the former chairman of Enron was led off in hand cuffs and is also on trial. Raids on Wall Street occur too -- order in the financial markets is imperative over sweet, silly words like "freedom" (freedom to rob banks and pillage the company?). Putin, like Pinochet, could achieve a miracle, thanks to his own solid values and the recognition that in order to make democracy work, it has to be well led. As for the two "journalists" they are the perfect example of the destructive jealousy and irresponsibility of the press". 

Ronald Hilton -