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RUSSIA and the Muslims

The Economist's contention that Russia's Muslims predate its Christians, a passing reference in an article about Jews and Muslims in contemporary Russia, simply referred to Dagestan, as the posting from Cameron Sawyer said. Jonathan Huyck, a specialist in Russian religion, says "the Tatar Muslims of Russia did not predate the local Christians, but swept into the area centuries after the conversion of Kievan Rus. When Islam came north from the Caucasus, Christianity had already arrived in the area and was then largely displaced by Islam (though, apparently, most Ossetians are still Orthodox Christians)". RH: Let us concentrate on the main point of the article, namely that Islam is flourishing in Russia, with official support. Although Russian Muslims dismiss Islamic terrorists as Wahabites, what did they think of the US attack on Iraq? We are still waiting for information about sufis in Russia.

Ronald Hilton - 5/17/03