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Russia; Jews and communism

Need I say once more that WAIS does not censor. Alberto Gutierrez adds to his previous statement about the role of-Jews in the Russian and US Communist parties: "Even "Fiddler on the Roof", the Norman Jewison film with a good musical score and the excellent performance of Topol, relates Jews to the upheaval that took place in Imperial Russia about one hundred years ago. The film was banned in Chile during the military regimen under General Augusto Pinochet.

While Christian Leitz claims that "only a few Soviet leaders and official were Jewish", Robert Witton,of The London Times, wrote in his book The Last Days of the Romanovs, that around 1920 no less than 90% of the Soviet regime was composed of Jews. Victor Mardsen, correspondent of The London Morning Post, went further and compiled a list of 545 Bolshevik officials. Of these, according to Mardsen, 454 were Jews. An American Senate subcomittee stated in the Congressional Eecord that by December 1919, under the presidency of the Jew Zinoniev, out of 388 members of the Bolshevik central government 371 were Jews.

More interesting yet are two reports US military intelligence officer Captain Montgomery Schuyler sent to Washington between March and June 1919. According to Schuyler: "It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning guided and controlled by Russian Jews". In addition, "More than 300 Jews are (Bolshevik) commissars. Of this number 264 had come from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial government" (Reportedly these commentaries are available at US National Archives in Washington).

About the same time (during the period of 1917-1921), the total of Cheka executions was probably well over 250,000 (from the book Cheka by Legget) Were those Jewish officials ignorant at best of what was going on? For instance, was it not the Jew Sverdlov who gave the order to Yurovsky, another Jew, to murder the Tsar? Was not the Jew Mikhail Abramovich Trilisser the "efficient" head of the foreign section of the Cheka until 1929? Just like other Jews who participated in the initial Bolshevik atrocities, they would be the victims of their"own soup" during the thirties.

In spite of the Jewish origins of many Old Bolsheviks, a most cruel antisemitism reemerged under the perverse Stalin, but pogroms became something of the past related to the Okhrana patterns.While the "nomenklatura" as a whole would be almost closed to Jews, sometimes a more open policy prevailed in the Central Committee, the Foreign Ministry ,etc. Somehow many Jews such as the Kaganovich familiy and Maksim Litvinov "swam with the current" and survived in their roles. In October 1942 Litvinov opened the first Soviet embassy in Havana, a coveted beachhead for communist operations in the Western Hemisphere. Not all Russian Jews were Zionists, but it was inside the KGB where the obsession with conspiracies never ended. It reached its peak during the advertised Jewish doctor's plot in 1952. Even Molotov had difficulties with Stalin because his wife was a Jewess.

According to Cameeron Sawyer, the subject is boring and perhaps he is right, but I do not think so. Furthermore I find it interesting that by 1925 there was a Jewish section inside the Agrupación Comunista de la Habana led by Yotshka Grinberg ,Felix Gurbich and Yunger Semjovich (Semjovich later changed his name to Fagio Grobart.He was the key man of the Kremlin in Cuba at least until 1959, in spite of Cuban communists who bragged about their connections).

I also find it interesting that Rakoski, Gero, Vas , Minc, Modzelewski, Berman and even Anna Pauker were Jews who occupied positions of power as soon as the Iron Curtain fell on Eastern Europe. Setting aside all the anti-Zionism noises, Stalin not only supported the creation of Israel, but blessed the arms Czechoslovakia sent to help that state. I consider that Jews have a"biblical" right to live in Israel , I applaud their tenacity and they have my sympathy for all their suffering.But I am not ready to close my eyes to many other realities.

I am a strong enemy of Communism, and I could retort with the suddenly fashionable" So what?"But it is not appropriate.Today I sustain my position not only based on the hunger,poverty and repression Cuba is currently suffering ,but on other personal experiences I had in the former Soviet Union, Rumania, Lithuania and Poland.

And as for the controlled international media, I mean precisely that : controlled! I appreciate a recent comment from Christopher Jones. It has saved me a lot of explanations.But just to be sure that everybody gets my idea,I mean the media that always has supported the "Potemkin Village"complex,the media that awarded Walter Duranty the Putlizer Prize in 1932 for his interpretative report of Russia ,but ignored the millions starving in Ukraine under Stalin's terror famine.The media that lionized Dimitri Shostakovich for his "The Golden Age", a ballet that many years later experts concluded it was a eulogy not of capitalism, but of Stalinism.The media that again and again remind us about the Nazi concentration camps, but never had a simple reel about the castroist prisons. And in conclusion the media whose representatives can hardly control their salivation when facing El Máximo Líder de los Paredones.

I am sorry for such long answers, but I don't have other choice. I hope this will be the conclusion".

These matters are widely discussed elsewhere, but not in the US. Like all Cuban exiles in Miami, Alberto Gutierrez is an angry man, and the fact that Castro chose to become a tool of the Soviet Union increases his anti-communism. While I think WAIS has devoted enough space to this subject, it would be interesting to know more about his experiences in the Soviet Union, Romania, Lihuania and Poland. We all know how personal experiences in a country can color our judgment of that country. He says that the Jews have a historical right to their biblical homeland, which is the crux of the present Middle East crisis.

Ronald Hilton - 11.04.03