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RUSSIA: Jews and Communism

Christian Leitz, who represents the Jewish viewpoint, enters the debate between Cameron Sawyer and Albeerto Gutierrez on Jews and Communism:

"All I can say is, as Cameron Sawyer has already quite rightly commented, "so what", so what and so what? again! A few Soviet leaders and officials were Jewish, the vast majority was not. If Alberto Gutierrez is trying to establish a link between the Jewishness of a few Russian communists and the massive repression perpetuated during the history of the Soviet Union, he should say so outright. As "a strong enemy of Communism" (R.H.'s verdict), he should know that the repression perpetuated was linked to the ideological idiocy of these people and not to their religious faith (if, and that's highly doubtful, they had any religious beliefs at all). One could, after all, take this strange argument and apply it to the Christian Orthodox Church to which probably far more of the original Soviet leaders belonged (or had once belonged). As a final comment, could Sr. Gutierrez please explain what he means by "controlled international media"? That kind of statement seems to confirm that he ise a disciple of that flowering pseudo-science "conspiracy theory".

The fact is that the leadership of the communist parties of both Russia and the US was largely Jewish. My belief is that communism in Russia was a strange synthesis of various elements: the socialist ideas which flourished in France around 1848; the Russian peasants' mir, which is related to Tolstoy's ideology, and Jewish socialism which found its expression in the kibbutz, which is similar to the Russian mir. However misguided, it was part of the age-old search for social justice.

Ronald Hilton - 10.25.03