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RUSSIA: Jews and Communism

Following WAIS policy of non-censorship, we post this message from Christopher Jones:

"Alberto Gutierrez should be congratulated for his posting on Jews in the Russian and worldwide Bolshevik movement. His facts are correct. and the story they tell is very relevant today, close to one hundred years after the rise of world communism. The story shows how Jews were organized globally to promote their interests, such as the Zionist state of Israel. In fact, I guess "globalization" (an outgrowth of the Diaspora-phenomena) is quintessentially Zionist-Jewish. Because of their own racism and tribalistic existence, Jews are then singled out because they have utterly failed to integrate into the larger population and are perceived as a threat.

Chritian Leitz fails to grasp the significance of Alberto's e-mail and takes refuge (along with most of the German SPD) in the idea that Jews belong only to a religion and that there is no ethnicity. They are just gentiles with another religion (this was actually stated by the German interior minister Otto Schilly, a well known sympathiser of the Baader Meinhof terrorists). This is of course, ridiculous -- and most Jews in Israel would agree. As for Christian Leitz's questioning the term, "international controlled media" I refer him to my posting where I forwarded the list of the current barons of the world's media giants, who were all Jewish. The US press is completely in the bag. In practical terms this means that all unfavorable anti-Israel/Jewish news is either censored or slanted in favor of Israel or, when the gentiles need a good working over, endless hours of concentration camp footage and speech after speech by Adolf Hitler followed by the same footage of bombed Berlin.

I am completely convinced that the endless masochistic harangue about the Holocaust will one day cause a terrible backlash and result in a mild form a rehabilitation for Adolf Hitler. The mere statement of uncomfortable facts about Israel or Zionism is automatically branded as anti-semitic on television shows in Germany.

The international media's politically correct mind set is now so gross that I can spot censorship of Israel unfriendly news on the big German networks when the same story appears on French TV. Why? Because Germany is now number one of the east European Jewish immigration list, ahead of more dangerous Israel".

My own position is that Communism was one in a long series of attempts, some crazy and some vicious, to create a just society. The French thinkers of the 1848 period from whom modern communism largely derived were honorable men. It is an undeniable fact that the leadership of both the Russian and US communist parties was mostly Jewish. When communism turned anti-Semitic, many Jewish intellectuals became vehement anti-Communists. A good example were my friends Bert and Ella Wolfe, but there were many like them. The intensity of this debate resembles that surrounding the Inquisition, a subject which most Spanish Catholics try to avoid. It is hard for us to realize that the Inquisitors thought they were doing God's work. I wonder what Velazquez thought of the Grand Inquisitor whose portrait he painted?

Ronald Hilton - 10.26.03