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BBC E-mail: Russian children get US First Lady's tips

Ross Rogers, Jr. saw this story on BBC News Online and sends it with the comment "Ms. Bush's message should first be directed to her locals who cant read in DC":

"Russian children get US First Lady's tips"
Russian schoolchildren are told by US First Lady Laura Bush to watch less television and read more books.

From Moscow, Cameron Sawyer says: I could not agree more with Ross Rogers. Russians have a literacy rate of practically 100% and cannot finish elementary school without mastering algebra (they start calculus in the ninth grade). Surely one could find more illiterate people in Washington, D.C., than in all of Russia, and so perhaps the First Lady should concentrate on matters closer to home.

She would risk being called a racist, an elitist,or something equally terrible.

Ronald Hilton - 10.02.03