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RUSSIA and capitalism

From Moscow, Cameron Sawyer says: "I believe that capitalism is the only reasonable way to organize an economy. But 12 years in Russia have cured me of any sentimentality about capitalism naturally harmonizing interests, etc. Chris Jones says You'll never get honest labels from these people. All they want is your money. I agree with them. That is why there must be laws on labeling, enforced with penalties severe enough to ensure compliance. The case of Starlink is just another case of a defective product being palmed off on the public by an unscrupulous corporation. It is instructive on the issue of corporate cupidity, but constitutes no more an argument for banning GM food then the Corvair is an argument for banning the automobile".

RH: Here is an example of Russian capitalism. I remember that Cameron used very strong language to denounce soccer when Russian fan rampaged through the streets. Soccer has been transformed from a sport into a financial enterprise. A British soccer player was just sold to Real Madrid for $40 million or so. The public was impressed. Now Russian metals and oil tycoon Roman Abramovich has bought London's Chelsea soccer club for $250 million. Does he want to make more money, or is it a question of spurious prestige? What does Cameron think of this? To me it all seems disgracefully crazy.

Ronald Hilton - 7/6/03