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RUSSIA and Mexico: A comparison of the economies

Christopher Jones says: "Raśl Escalante brings up a very important point. The real detonator for the Mexican economic crisis was political (politics is always the wild card.) Certainly the death of Luis Donaldo Colosio played a major role, but more damaging still, the Chiapas rebellion and the appearance of the Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos on international television night after night destroyed confidence in the "wunderkind" Salinas better than anything imaginable. The comparison with Russia holds -- Chechnya and the possibility of spectacular terrorist acts could bring the edifice down. I hope not because a lot of innocent people will suffer for Putin's arrogance (like Salinas again.)". RH: This brings up an important point. We have criticized TV's stress on violence and unrest. Can this destabilize a country and its economy? Do TV reports on riots create the impression that a government is unstable and thus promote its fall? What does this tell us about freedom of the media?

Ronald Hilton - 7/1/03