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Russia and the Jews

From Moscow Cameron Sawyer writes about Russia and the Jews: "I have not heard anyone claim that Gusinsky's exile in Spain has any anti-Semitic overtones. The main explanations are: (a) he is an ordinary criminal, and the authorities have amassed enough evidence to do something about it; hence his flight to Spain; and (b) Gusinsky, not in favor with the Putin administration, among other things for supposedly manipulating mass media against the government, is a victim of power politics; and (c) other oligarchs figured out how to get Gusinsky out of the way (in collaboration with the government) in order to have more for themselves. The truth is probably some mixture of all of those. But anti-Semitism does not seem to be a factor.

It is hard to believe that relations between the Orthodox Church and the Jews (which have historically been pretty bad) are better than between Orthodox and Catholics, but it is true. The Orthodox Church has done a lot to clean up its act in regard to the Jews. Relations with Catholics have been marred by controversies over the Uniate Church. See:,4273,4212803,00.html,4273,4209183,00.html

Ronald Hilton - 6/30/02