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Russia: Corruption in China. Shenyang

From Moscow, Cameron Sawyer, commenting on the posting on corruption in China, says:"Sounds like Russia. Corruption is practically inevitable when the state exercises a lot of power over the economy. When bureaucrats make everyday decisions which determine whether or not businesses make money or not, particularly when bureaucrats exercise power over markets which are not fully open to competition, the mutual incentives are too powerful to be overcome by moral standards even slightly short of those of, say, Mother Theresa. For you Americans: take the New York tax assessors office case and extend it a little. Imagine that a bunch of low paid bureaucrats in a grimy bullpen (as per the New York Times description), rather than an open market, decides whether or not McDonald s or Burger King gets a desirable corner piece of land. And decides what price will be paid to the state for it. There you have it".

My comment: Well, private enterprise does not have a perfect record, cf ENRON. As for Mother Teresa, I have no knowledge of her money dealings. I would feel safe on quoting Herbert Hoover.

Ronald Hilton - 3/7/02