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Russia's future glory?

Americans view France as its main European problem, and WAISers therefore appreciated the piece about the Paul Sartre Brigade rushing to the rescue in Afghanistan. Tim Brown says : "Throw in a Brigade of Disciples of Derrida and it just might work". Unfortunately the real world is different. Every country in the world thinks up various contingencies, even the most absurd. My guess is that there is a US plan to invade Mexico or Canada. Each country must try to figure out what other countries are planning and what their response should be.

US relations with Russia are complex. I have a great respect for Putin, who strives for good relations with the US, but the presence of US troops in Georgia and Kyrgyztan has riled him and the Russian military, some of whom dream of a greater Russia. Here is one scenario presented by Alexander Dugin, Professor of Strategy at the Russian Military Staff Academy. He is the author of Principles of Geopolitics, Russia's Geopolitical Future, Thinking According to Space. He has been assigned to prepare a plan for the Russian government. He argues that Russia should give up trying to get technical assistance from the US and look instead to Western Europe. Russia should work in harmony with Japan. Eurasian Europe will move south and become Euro-Africa, while Japan will establish a new order in the Pacific and move south as it planned in the 1930s.

France and Russia are old allies, and they may or may not have been talking about this. It may sound crazy, but that is the nature of contingency plans, of which Russia like other countries must have many. The US has to think of counter-strategies to every possibility, and I assume it has done so in this case. Perhaps Russia fears a US-China friendship. It is not clear to me, nor to Russians.

Ronald Hilton - 3/3/02