Soviet Intelligence and Jews

Former CIA officer Miles Seeley reports: "In the course of my many long debriefings of a Soviet KGB defector, we talked about the various Soviet intelligence agencies and how they recruited, how they worked, and so on. He said that after the 1917 Revolution, many senior KGB officers were Jewish. He had great respect for their skills, and said these officers originated most of the more long-range and complex operations the KGB ever undertook, such as the training and dispatch of sleeper agents to the US, who posed as nationals of other countries. They were instructed to simply integrate themselves into American life. Some tried, with mixed results, to get jobs with access to classified information. But for years, they were contacted only on rare occasions, usually via dead drops. The intent was for these Illegals (as they were called) to be ready for large, serious operations at some time in the future. Tracking them down was a most difficult problem for us and the FBI. Luckily, the time for them to become active for major operations never came, in most cases. And many of them liked the life here and never intended to respond to a call to arms.

After the purges of 1937 and beyond, the Jewish officers were mostly arrested and sent to gulags, never to be heard from again. My defector said their exit signalled the beginning of the modern KGB, which he thought was limited in skills and devoid of complex, long-range planning. I note that Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations are being recognized for their skill in planning and their patience. They, too, will be very hard to identify and neutralize".

RH: What Miles says may explain why Mossad is so ruthlessly competent.

Alberto Gutiérrez writes: "Probably you recall my two long notes last year about Russia, Jews and Communism. Some WAISers were not happy with my lines. Now it is refreshing to read that Christopher Jones mentions the Jewish influence in the Bolshevik Revolution. On top of that, Miles Seeley ,a former CIA officer, reminds us that after 1917 many senior KGB (Cheka, NKVD, etc) were Jewish, and that they collaborated with Stalin until they were purged and eliminated after 1937, just as I wrote in one of the notes.

Indeed the Mossad is ruthlessly competent in spite of its failures and a few occasional embarrassments for Israel. For instance, in 1963 members of that intelligence agency were behind the flight of an advanced MIG-21 to Israel by an Iraqi defector. Others hijacked a shipload of 200 tons of uranium to be used in the Israeli's atomic bomb, and "collected" a lot of technical information on the Mirage aircraft.

The Mossad '' hunted" Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, assassinated leaders of Arab radical groups,and rescued the hostages at Entebbe airport. There was also enough time to'" keep an eye" in Washington and allegedly place a "citric expert " in Cuba. Of course other successes never have been revealed to the public".

Tum Brown writes: "Are we sure the real problem isn't Christians, or maybe Americans or Europeans or Communists or males? After all far more leaders of various and sundry Western disasters have been Christians, Americans, males and so forth than have been Jews. For example, that biggest of modern Caribbean disasters, the Cuban revolution, was led by Cuban pseudo-Christian males or European origin and culture. As for the Mossad successes cited here, they're a bit pallid when set against the entire panorama of what goes on during years of confrontation and conflict, the US and its allies attracted literally dozens of pilots to defect with their jet fighters, collected tons of information on all sorts of fighter aircraft, including the Mirage, and even gathered up entire battalions of Soviet-East bloc tanks and other military hardware, and so forth. And everyone plants agents on everyone else and those who have assassinated enemies abroad have not all been Israelis. Just ask a Turk. Why even the Cubans have done so! As for who Stalin purged, if the only ones he had killed were Jews then far fewer people died in his purges than has been reported. This is a classic exercise in post hoc ergo propter hoc logic' Begin with your conclusion, select you evidence, and then present it out of context to "prove" your preconception was right, not exactly my own idea of persuasive reasoning".

Ronald Hilton -