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Spain and Mexico, 1848 and 1898

Spain and Mexico both have historical grievances against the United States. Spain lost the war of 1898; the loss of its colonies and of its prestige provoked a shock comparable to that in the United States following Vietnam. "The Generation of 1898" was a movement similar to that of the late 60s in the U.S. Mexico still recalls bitterly that it lost half its territory as a result of the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Next year.1998, will mark the centennial of the war with Spain, and the sesquicentennial of the War with Mexico. Spain's celebration of the 1492 discovery of America backfired in Mexico, but 1998 will unite the two in a common grievance. In La Rabida, Spain, there is the Universidad Internacional de Andalucia, which has an Ibero-American branch in Mexico. In cooperation with the University of New Mexico, it has just held a conference on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Later this year in La Rabida there will be a conference on the 1898 war. Spain's lingering resentment is not an international problem, but the two defeats serve Spain well in its attempt to build up relations with Mexico. More serious is the resentment in Mexico, which will be fueled as part of the campaign to promote the idea of Greater Mexico and exacerbate the complaints of Mexican Americans, or, as some people now want to call them. American Mexicans.