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SPAIN: Carnival (carnaval) in Spain - sex inversion

John Heelan makes a correction and a clarification of his piece about carnival in Spain. The correction: "There was an IMPORTANT word I left out when discussing carnival as a safety-valve. The sentence should have read "During carnival, the normal mores of a strict society about status, sex and gender are relaxed for a short period and then re-imposed after carnival time is over. This relaxation allows emotions pent up over the year to be safely released with * NO * major risk to the holders of power". The clarification: "I responded solely to your question about "sex inversion" and "carnaval" as the message title states, not making a general point on transvestism. Please make that clear to WAIS". RH: Yes, but sex inversion in carnival is only one aspect of the bigger phenomenon.

Ronald Hilton - 8/7/03