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SPAIN: Catalonia

I said "Many Catalans do not like Ortega y Gasset, one reason being that he said Castile (or Castilians) had the "don de mando", the ability to command (govern). Bert Westbrook comments: "Are "command" and "govern" synonyms in Spanish? Interesting thought". I wondered how to translate Ortega's phrase "don de mando"... "mando" is translated command, authority, power, dominion, rule. There is a double problem here. Ortega had studied in Germany and was imbued with German ideas, including those about race. "Don" (gift) meant that Castilians were naturally endowed with.. authority, dominion.. So "don de mando" could mean that the Castilians have a natural right to authority over places like Catalonia. No wonder the Catalans were disturbed.

Ronald Hilton - 7/30/02