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SPAIN: The Civil War and historians

We posted Stanley Payne's favorable review of Pío Moa's books on the Spanish Civil War. I do not know what Pío Moa said about Stanley Payne's voluminous contributions to the subject, but he was critical of another well-known WAIS historian of the period. Paul Preston. I asked Paul if he had replied. Paul says: "I have not replied publicly to Pío Moa. First, if I replied to everyone who had a go at me, I would never get any work done. Second, I find it distasteful that a man who was responsible for terrorist acts that aimed at doing damage to Spanish democracy should pontificate on liberal values. Third, what he says is, as you rightly surmise, along the lines of holocaust denial. It is not revisionist scholarship, merely assertion denying what a huge consensus of historians from Tusell on the right via others in the centre, including myself who would define himself as centre-left, to others on the left. I suspect, however, that eventually I shall have to say something. My most recent work has been on Juan Carlos. My biography was published in April to considerable media interest. I doubt if it will be out in English until next spring". RH: Paul says he will sendme a copy, and I will of course post a review of it. When Paul "says something" about Pío Moa, I hope he will e-mail me a copy.

Yours ever,

Ronald Hilton - 7/8/03