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SPAIN: !Arriba Espana! The rehabilitation of Franco

Christopher Jones sends this footnote to his piece on the rehabilitation of Franco. "We should not forget that the so-called "centre-right" Partido Popular (PP)began its political life as the Alianza Popular, under Manuel Fraga Iribarne, a former Franco information minister. It is fairly well known that behind the scenes, the PP has been funding the Franco Foundation, and that Aznar's daddy ran the film section at the Gobernación (interior) ministry under Franco. So conspiracy lovers, the book by Pío Moa must be some sort covert PP ploy to move Spanish public opinion away from the Iraq war and on to more "national" topics.

I think there is something to the ETA connection though. As the Lehendakari Ibaretxe moves ever so slowly to his independence referendum, Aznar may be trying to soften up public opinion for an eventual invasion of the Basque country to prevent the vote and its splitting off. Ergo, rehabilitate the greatest Spanish central authority of them all, Francisco Franco".

Ronald Hilton - 4/22/03