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SPAIN: The Valle de los Caidos

Christopher Jones says: "Of course I have visited the Valle de los Caídos. It may strike you a little strange, but I rather agree with John Heelan. It is a spooky place. So much for dictators and their taste in architecture and art. But I do have an interesting Valle de los Caídos story involving none other than Salvador Dalí. He wanted to supervize the building of the monument and suggested to Franco that along the road a series of skeletons should be placed. At first a just little one and then getting progressively bigger and bigger until a massive skeleton would dominate the entrance of the basilica. Of course el Caudillo was a little turned off and politely said that there wasn't funding for anything so elaborate. Is it still a meeting place? As far as I know every anniversary of Franco's death, the old guard meets and sings Cara al Sol in the freezing cold. I haven't attended recently -- please don't tell".

Gordon Jackson simply says: "It is a beautiful monument. I hope no one succeeds in damaging it!"

Ronald Hilton - 7/31/03