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SPAIN: Aznar government supports the Franco Foundation

In Spain it is fashionable to establish foundations in honor of the famous dead, even intellectuals. There are foundations honoring my old Oxford mentors, Salvador de Madariaga and Jorge Guilln.

Some of these many foundations are active, some exist only on paper. One which is active is the Franco Foundation, whose president is Carmen Franco, the daughter of the dictator.

The Jos Mara Aznar government has decided to subsidize it, giving substance to the charge that the Partido Popular government is Francoism in disguise. The aim of the new foundation is to keep alive the memory of the dictator who ruled Spain from 1939 until his death in 1975. The government's decision coincided wuth the surprising development of pro-Franco feeling, but it was sharply criticized by leftist parties. If they gained power, they would probably cut off the subsidy.

Ronald Hilton - 11.14.03