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SPAIN: The death of Garcia Lorca

Christopher Jones sends us his take on the death of Garcia Lorca: "We were discussing stereotypes, starting Hollywood and then moving onto Nazi Germany. Castro has chosen Garcia Lorca as a symbol.

To cover up his own bloody record, Fidel, the hypocritical and cynical PR man, is making good use of Lorca as a symbol of victims of intolerance: the homosexual genius of 20th century Spanish poetry murdered by the uniformed fascist hordes of that other "bigotito" -- Franco. And of course, the hard left applauds Castro! Since 1959, the chorus sings the chant of Animal Farm: Franco -- baaad! Castro -- goood! (In the chorus we can recognize, Mikos Theordorakis, Daniel Cohn Bendit, the ghosts of Rudi Dutchke, Melina Mercuri and Salvador Allende among others.) Problem is, its a lie.

First off, Lorca was probably apolitical and if anything sympathetic to the fascist movimiento. Fact: he took refuge in the house of the Rosales family, who were all Falangistas. He dined often with Jose Antonio, with whom he had allot in common: both were Andaluz senoritos and possibly homosexual. This was confirmed by of all people Robert Brasillach. Lorca, like Jose Antonio, praised the "pueblo" (people) of Spain. In the end, Lorca was the victim of a crazy CEDA deputy named Ramon Ruiz Alonso,who was denied a position in the upper echelons of the Falange. (it all comes back to the Falange, which was torn apart in 1937) Franco and General Queipo de Llano (who was in charge of Andalucia), were not informed of the decision to kill Lorca (there was no reliable phone line), and it was admittedly a disaster, according to Ramon Serrano Suner. In all probability, he was the victim of the vengeful petty bourgeois of his own home town".

I'm confused. Was Lorca killed by Ramon Ruiz Alonso, or collectively by "the vengeful petty bougeois"? Lorca himself was confused. When I knew him he was a confused leftist.

Ronald Hilton - 10.01.03