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SPAIN: The death of Garcia Lorca

John Heelan comments on the difference between "cafe" (coffee) as a noun and as acronyms: "Relying on the recent account of Lorca's last days by Rosales (2002) p.86, I wrote that Lorca's murder was probably carried out by the members of the death squad C.A.F.E, -Comite de Accion de Falange Espanola- under the control of the police chief, Julio Romero Funes. ( remember Queipo de Llano's "Dale cafe, mucho cafe!").

Since then I have found an alternative meaning of the word "cafe" allegedly used by Queipo de Llano as code authorising Lorca's assassination. Hugh Thomas (1968 p.169) reports that the dinner guests at the official banquet following a parade in Morocco by the Foreign Legion and the Regulares, on Sunday 12 July 1936, were shouting "CAFe", which to initiates signified "Camaradas! Arriba Falange Espanola!". It is possible, if not probable that Queipo de Llano would have been familiar with the latter meaning. However both meanings of "cafe" would indicate that Queipo expected the Falange to have some part in Lorca's death".

Ronald Hilton - 10.25.03