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Lorca's bones

The argument about Lorca's body continues. From Madrid, John Healey says: "Christopher Jones is confused.. I will let the facts speak for themselves. The Lorca family opposed the exhumations for the reasons I stated earlier, but quickly added in their statement that, were the other families in favor of exhumation, they would of course respect their wishes, and that is exactly how it will go. Something which speaks volumes about this whole matter is that of the hundreds of people buried there, the only ones who 'asked' for exhumation, just happened to be the families of the three men shot with Lorca. What does that tell one? It tells one that this whole idea came from the local Mayor who approached them, not the other way around. These families, by the way, are all wonderful people and deserving of great respect. The Lorca heirs have been in touch with them and they have had a good cry together. The concern about real estate exploitation was genuine, and they managed to get the local council to promise not to exploit the area. And what is Mr. Jones saying about the Franco offer? What are Mr. Jones' political leanings? Franco was very eager to whitewash what had happened. He had hoped to gain attention by giving the poet his own people had shot a fancy burial as a way of trying to get himself off the hook. The family quite properly rejected the offer. The Valle de los Caidos is a monstrosity, by the way".

The way people react to the Valle de los Caidos, the huge mausoleum Franco built in the mountains, reflects their political outlook. Likewise Lorca is being claimed by right and left as one of their own. It seems impossible to consider Lorca's work just as art. It is inevitably politicized.

Ronald Hilton - 10.26.03