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SPAIN: La División Azul

Christopher Junes spoke of a foundation in Spain devoted to the Legion Azul, the Blue Division of Spaniards who fought with the Nazis against the Soviet armies.

Strongly ant-Castro and anti-communist Cuban exile, Alberto Gutierrez says:
"...I think the foundation Cristopher Jones cites in his note is "La Hermandad de la Division Azul", a meeting place of the divisionarios who survived the ordeal at the Eastern Front. Reportedly Hitler considered the Spanish soldier among the best in the world. "La Division Azul provides the highest honor to Spain in the anticommunist struggle", he said once.

Besides La Division Azul, an air arm called "Escuadrilla Azul" was created, made up of Spanish pilots with fighting experience from the Spanish Civil War. They flew Messerschmitts 109 and Focke Wulfs 190 mainly supporting the German offensive against Moscow".

Clearly this was in repayment for the help Hitler had given Franco in the Spanish Civil War. The Hermandad (brotherhood) must have shrunk to a handful by now.

Ronald Hilton - 09.09.03