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SPAIN: The Blue Division/Legion

Regarding Spain's Blue Legion, which fought with Hitler's troops against the Soviet Union, Christian Leitz says:

"The best book available in English on this topic is Wayne Bowen, "Spaniards and Nazi Germany: Collaboration in the New Order" (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, October 2000). Wayne teaches at Ouachita Baptist University".

Most WAISers do not realize how much checking their learned submissions take. Christian, born in Germany, was a professor in New Zealand and now lives in Zčrich. Ouachita Baptist University? I had never heard of it, nor had a colleague I consulted. I thought it was a typo. but then I checked "Headquarters USA", published by Omnigraphics. I found it in volume 1, which is alphabetical. It is located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I found details in the second volume of Headquarters USA under "Colleges". The next problem was to find Arkadelphia. It is a small town in Arkansas' lake district in the southwestern part of the state. It is on the Ouichita River, which finally reaches the Mississippi near New Orleans. From this we may draw two lessons; There are big name universities, but often small colleges have noteworthy scholars on their faculty. The second is the importance of good reference books, in this case "Headquarters USA":

Ronald Hilton - 11.04.03