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La Pelota Vasca/ The murder of Jesus Galindez

Murder mysteries achieve a life of their own. The murder of President Kennedy is a well-known whodonit. but most people would be surprised that the murders of Jesus Galindez and Garcia Lorca arouse similar passions.

Christopher Jones says; "The new film "The Galindez Mystery" starring Harvey Keitel is based on the faction novel by popular Spanish journalist Manuel Vazquez Montalban. Vazquez Montalban had tried for years to sell the screen rights of the story and evidently he has finally succeeded. According to him, Galindez was kidnapped on 5th Avenue in New York City in broad daylight in an operation that counted on FBI and CIA collusion.

Regarding Max Rodriguez' remarks about the Euskal Pilota or Basque Ball, before Sr. Rodriguez decides to ridicule the Guardian arts editor as someone unworthy to be called a journalist because she dared suggest that there was a move afoot to ban the film, (imposible in democratric Spain!)he should better turn to the cultural page of La Vanguardia's website. There he could read the following poll: ĄDeberia haberse prohibido la proyeccion de "La Pelota Vasca" de Medem en el Festival de San Sebastian?--Should the showing of "The Basque Ball" by Medem in the San Sebastian film estival have been prohibited?"

I am all in favor of faction,which means telling a true story in an interesting way. That does not mean that the FBI and the CIA can be indicted unless there is proof that they were involved, and I know of none. The trouble is that people who see the film will believe the charge and apparently are being fed lies. The FBI and the CIA should be held to proper standards, but they should not be the target of lies.

Ronald Hilton - 10.03.03