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Re: La Pelota Vasca/ The murder of Jesus Galindez

From Germany,Max Rodriguez writes:
"Christopher Jones usually does what in Spanish we call "Coger el rabano por las hojas".* There were many mistakes in The Guardian article, not only that. The fact that some people were interested in talking about banning the film "The Basque Ball", especially a Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, does not mean that there was any such intention. Politicians are quite smart.

Although Jones omits it, that survey of Medem's film gave a result of 83.5% against the banning, which makes sense. This is not an issue politicians like to get involved in, Vazquez Montalban is a very good writer, but he is well known for to his far left passions, which befits a novelist, but not a historian".

*"to grab the radish by the leaves", to be completely wrong.

Ronald Hilton - 10.04.03