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Re: La Pelota Vasca/ The murder of Jesus Galindez

Non-Hispanists may be bewildered by all the theories about the murder of Garcia Lorca; As this note from John Heelan indicates, a key question is:

What was the role of garrulous General Queipo de Llano, whose broadcasts from Seville we caught by short wave?: "Ian Gibson, Lorca's main biographer, bases his evidence that Queipo de Llano authorised Valdes Guzman in a radio conversation to kill Lorca ["Give him coffee, lots of coffee"] on a conversation he had with the Socialist lawyer Antonio Perez Funes on 20 September 1966. Professor Leslie Stainton is more bullish, saying "Franco's government never accepted responsibility for Lorca's murder.

But officials in the Nationalist movement - specifically General Queipo de Llano of Seville- has clearly sanctioned the killing [Lorca (1998) p.479] . Gerardo Rosales El silencio de los Rosales (2002) p.262) "Valdes... llamo a Queipo de Llano y le pregunto... que hacer con Garcia Lorca. Queipo ordeno que se le fusilara".

However, the recent book about Queipo de Llano in 1936 [Francisco Espinosa Maestre (2000)] comments that Gerald Brenan, Agustin Penon and Ian Gibson exhausted their investigations for definitive proof of de Llano's involvement in Lorca's death and quotes a rebuttal of Gibson's charge in an article published by ABC de Sevilla (June 1986) suggesting "... It is most likely that (General Queipo) neither knew who Lorca was nor had any idea about his situation." As the article was written by Genoveva Garcia Queipo de Llano one might question this conclusion.

Any further info on the matter would be welcomed".

Ronald Hilton - 10.04.03