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The Americas: Spain's Lost Empire

     The relations between the United States and the conservative government of José María Aznar are good, although in the background there is still Spanish resentment at the hegemony of the United States in Latin America implied in the Monroe Doctrine. The meetings of heads of the Iberian States are being consolidated into an organization with a secretariat in Madrid, to rival the Organization of American States. Despite ideological differences, Spain is pushing its relations with Castro's Cuba, and plans for the Iberian November summit in Havana are proceeding despite Chile's resentment of the Spanish role in the Pinochet case.
     More controversial is the recent visit to New Mexico of Spanish First Deputy Prime Minister Francisco Alvarez Cascos to New Mexico. He announced that Spain was recognizing the sovereignty of the native Indian tribes and that Spain would promote the Spanish language among them. The spokesman for the Indian tribes has a Spanish name, but he replied evasively in English. There is no record of Washington's response.

Ronald Hilton - 10/31/99