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Spain and Morocco

Lluis Bosch replies to Luis Sanzó's statement about Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco: "It is true that Ceuta. Melilla and the Canaries do not appear in the UN's list of territories with pending sovereignty issues, but this is no guarantee. Twenty-five years ago, Western Sahara was not on that list in connection with Morocco, but only with Spain. Now, it seems as though everyone is eager for Morocco to swallow up Western Sahara. Moroccan claims have appeared during this period as"legitimate" whereas before this was never a question.

Likewise, Morocco nowadays claims Ceuta and Melilla, and more remotely but nonetheless energetically the Canary Islands. Mark my words: in less than ten years we will see both Ceuta and Melilla AND the Canaries as the subject of a legitimate territorial dispute with Morocco".

Ronald Hilton - 7/27/02