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SPAIN and the Iraq war

This is taken from a long attack on "pacifists" who oppose the Iraq war, issued by Lbertad Digital of Madrid, about which I know nothing and therefore cannot say who is behind it: "History will record with severity the huge social, human and political cost of the activism of the erroneously named 'pacifists'".

The so-called "pacifist" movements, articulated by leftists, and their silent accomplices, have decisively contributed to the protection of the most fierce tyrants of the XX and XXI Centuries, since Adolph Hitler and Stalin, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Il, to Saddam Hussein. With their harmful political formula of "giving in so as not to loose", they paved the way for several of those dictators to increment warmonger attitudes against countries and continents, in addition to enslaving their own people.

As it has already been denounced, those "pacifist" manifestations which are spread throughout the world were previously articulated in the recent Worldwide Social Forum of Porto Alegre, a gigantic catalyst of revolutionary forces which survived communism. . As Elio Bromuri, , Communications Director of Perugia Archdiocese, observed, "pacifist" Italian leaders are guided by "an ideology that only maintains pacifism in its name". It is important to not confuse the pacifists with the peaceful. Jesus Christ promised to those last mentioned an admirable prize: "You shall be named Children of God". The peaceful ones are those that love true peace, defined by Saint Augustine as "the tranquility of order". On the contrary, if the pacifists speak of peace it is as a pretext to fool and immobilize the peaceful, supporters of order".

This seems to be the voice of a conservative Catholic group opposed to the liberation theology which was one of the components of the Worldwide Social Forum. It presumably has the backing of Spanish prime minister José María Aznar, a conservative Catholic who was interviewed today on Univisión. Spèaking slowly and choosing his words carefully, he defended his government's support of the Iraq war while sending only "logistical" support (of which there has been little evidence). He was clearly walking a tightrope between Spanish public opinion, strongly opposed to the war, and the United States, with which he makes every effort to maintain good relations.

Ronald Hilton - 4/2/03