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SPAIN and the siesta

Professor Hank Levin of Columbia University is married to a Spaniard: He writes:"I am in Spain now at her home in the village of Vilassar de Mar in Catalunya. The siesta is followed strictly here, although not in Barcelona. Stores close at 1 or 1:30 and do not open until 5 PM. In Barcelona the situation is mixed. El Corte Ingles and other large department stores stay open, but not any of the smaller stores. In our neighboring "city" of Mataro, everything is closed until 5 PM. When I lived in Alicante in 1976, everything was closed down, even food stores. Only restaurants and cafeterias were open. Most of Andalucia is the same except for the locations with heavy concentrations of tourists. Madrid is the biggest violator of siesta" My comment:. Recent medical research confirms that the siesta is good for health. My guess is that the consumption of Prozac has increased in places where the siesta has been abandoned.

Ronald Hilton - 7/4/02