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A Spanish view of Basque nationalism

Cristina Figueroa Domecq answers Christopher Jones' defense of Basque nationalism: "I answer, not only to express my own opinion but also that of lots of Spaniards. I am an economist, and I work in the European University of Madrid, I would like to express my total rejection of Mr. Jones' opinions, not about Baltazar Garzon, whom I don t want either to defend or to accuse, but about the present Spanish situation, and how we are trying to deal with terrorism. Mr. Jones talks about the lack of liberty and democracy, but he should analyse more deeply the situation of the Basque politicians who defend the unity of Spain, the Socialist (PSOE) and Partido Popular (PP) politicians who have been living and DYING since democracy was restored in Spain. Nearly one thousand people have been killed since 1960, apart from masses of mutilated people, including children and women. Before talking about Garzon's legal actions, think about the politicians who die defending their ideas, and those who live in fear of their lives for defending liberty. People are murdered because they do their job, like the two policeman that were murdered 10 days ago, after finishing his job of delivering IDs, and people die just because they happen to pass by.

Mr. Jones, says that Mr. Garzon has no idea of Basque history,. The Spanish Basque country was integrated under the Castilian Crown in the middle ages, but the Basque separatist party is only about 100 years old, not more. To make people understand what is really happening in Spain, I should present a deeper analysis of Spain's history and situation, but this is not the place. I just want to make it clear that lots of Spaniards are suffering for defending the ideas of democracy and that the Basque leading party, PNV, has done little to help in the last 25 years. We need to pursue these terrorists relentlessly in order to finish with them. What the Basque nationalists are doing, supporting and defending politicians who incite to violence and murder,is not a good way to promote democracy".

Ronald Hilton - 6/16/03