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SPAIN: The Basque Provinces - ETA

Every sensible person wants change, but well conceived. An impediment to this are violent young terrorists who love violence and want power. In Europe,the worst of these thugs are the members of ETA. A Reuters dispatch (12/5/02) entitled "ETA blasts Basque 'free association' plan" begins: "The outlawed Basque separatist group ETA has lambasted a proposal for greater Basque self rule, calling it a recipe for "war and dependence" and vowing to keep up a campaign that has killed more than 800 people in Spain. The Basque region's premier Juan Jose Ibarretxe has proposed a referendum to give the largely autonomous Basque Country a status of free association with Spain. Ibarretxe says his proposal would help eliminate the cause of ETA violence, but the clandestine group rejected the plan".

Ronald Hilton - 12/6/02