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SPAIN: Basque terrorists and Judge Garzon

John Heelan defends Judge Garzón against Christopher Jones: "Garzón's attack on KAS was to obstruct the party's open funding of ETA's terrorist campaign. Does Christopher believe that attack to be wrong? (In a similar scenario in the past, many Americans believed that NORAID's funding of IRA terrorism in Northern Ireland was also justified, leading to the deaths of some hundreds of people in Northern Ireland and the UK)?

Given Christopher's allegations that Garzón continues to be a strong supporter of PSOE, perhaps he could explain the anomaly that arises from his successful prosecution of the people responsible for the "dirty tricks" of the death-squad GAL against Basque separatists,- proving that GAL was linked to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior then under PSOE control and sending guilty senior police and politicians to prison? Further, given that Christopher objects to Garzón prosecuting the right-wing dictator Pinochet for the activities of his death-squad, do we detect that Christopher's political philosophy demands that human rights abuses should go unchallenged? If also he believes that alleged large-scale corruption by government figures should not be investigated (as in the case of Berlusconi), presumably Christopher would object to any future investigation into the war-profits currently being accumulated by the commercial sponsors of the Iraq war that have strong links to the Bush Administration?"

Ronald Hilton - 6/8/03