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Spain Betrayed. The Soviet Union and the Spanish Civil War

SPAIN BETRAYED. The Soviet Union and the Spanish Civil War edited by Ronald Radosh, MAry R. Halbeck and Grigory Sevostianov (Yale University Press, 2001, pp.537) is an important addition to the "Annals of Communism" series, which brings to us Soviet documents from state and party archives selected and edited by American and Russian scholars and published in tow edition, one in Russian the other in English. The Yale series consists of the English translations. Sevastianov is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. For a review, see Richard Bernstein, "Aiding Dictatorship, Not Democracy" New York Times (7/23/01). The very title "Spain Betrayed" announces that the book indicts the role of the Soviet Union in the Spanish Civil War, It is really a companion volume to Burnett Bolloten's volumes on the same theme, which are quoted in the notes. Perhaps the word supplementary would be more accurate, since Bolloten wrote without access to the documents in this volume. It is a reference work rather than a good read, but it is an essential volume to understand the international scope of the Spanish Civil War. We should also call attention to the important works by Bolloten's successor, David Wingeate Pike, including In the Service of Stalin (Oxford University Press, 1994). Spain Betrayed has notes and an index. Bibliographical references are included in the notes. There is a vast literature of books on the Spanish Civil War. It would be interesting to draw up a list of the books and articles which deal specifically with the Soviet role in it.

Ronald Hilton - 7/19/02