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Spain Betrayed

From Moscow, Cameron Sawyer says "At one time or another and to one degree or another, the Soviet Union betrayed all Communists abroad. That is because of the logic of the spread of Communism the interests of the Soviet Union, as the bastion of Communism, and springboard of world revolution, comes first. Marxism as well as Marxism-Leninism are permeated with the idea that the ends justify all possible means, one logical extension of which is that the individual or smaller group is ruthlessly sacrificed for the interests of the group or the larger group. The Spanish Republicans were supported as long as they seemed useful to the Soviet Union; when this usefulness was called into question support was dropped. Same with local Communists everywhere depending on the diplomatic posture from time to time towards the nation they lived in. This is one of the reasons the Comintern and ultimately Communism failed Marxism thinks that way but people do not inherently think that way".

My comment: This refers to our discussion of the Soviet role in the Spanish Civil War. Even if Moscow wanted simply to create an alliance against Hitler, we do not know if it would have accepted peaceful co-existence permanently. Historians argue about this, some blaming the creation of NATO for the Cold War.

Ronald Hilton - 7/22/02